Rovio Launches New Game Named Angry Birds Islands

Posted by | 8:58 PM
Angry Birds became the most popular game when mobile platforms like Android and iOS appeared. Because be  favorite game, of course many ...
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LG X Power 2 Will Roll In Upcoming June with 4.500mAh Battery?

Posted by | 7:41 AM
LG has a mid-range smartphone that attracted the attention of many people when announced at the MWC 2017 a few months ago, the LG X Po...
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Turns Super Zoom 83x Nikon Coolpix P900 Can See the Moon With Obviously!

Posted by | 7:16 AM
When a friend wanted to see what shape the moon and the surface , do not have far to come to the biggest telescope belonging to ...
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Artificial Android smartphone "Android Father" Appears On Site Benchmark with High End Specs

Posted by | 7:13 AM
Of course you are familiar with Andy Rubin, a figure known as the "Father of Android" have long preached would launch a high-...
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Microsoft Edge Unmatched Battery Saving Problem! Firefox and Chrome Lose Away!

Posted by | 7:14 AM
Browsers are relatively young, Microsoft Edge is now proving again his toughness through videos uploaded by official Youtube account W...
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Nokia Turns Also Ever Create Similar Smartphone Xiaomi Mi Mix!

Posted by | 7:09 AM
One of the leading gadget Revier leaker and Roland Quandt, reveal a secret that could be startling fans Nokia! In a tweet @rquandt his a...
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Xiaomi Mi 6 Appears In AnTuTu Benchmark Scores Mengensankan, Touch Score 170,000

Posted by | 7:51 PM
Smartphone Xiaomi Mi-6 managed to attract attention ahead of the launch are just waiting for the day again, at least that's accord...
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Seriously at Entry Level, Moto E4 Plus Will Have Jumbo Battery 5000mAh!

Posted by | 7:05 AM
Lenovo as the brand owner Moto assessed not to be too long to update the entry-level smartphone of their output. The resurrection of the...
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ZeptoLab, Cut The Rope's Creator Create Game CATS, Immediate Release on Android!

Posted by | 9:55 PM
ZeptoLab success stories become popular developer is unique. ZeptoLab famous because until now rarely make games with themes out Cut th...
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Lumia smartphones do not sell well, Microsoft Selling Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus Microsoft Edition, What's the Difference?

Posted by | 4:22 AM
Samsung has announced a duo for this year's flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus comes with many advanced features. As we...
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